Our Vision is to create a clean, renewable energy future with zero emissions. Natural energy - done with the wind.


Planned Project

Lal Lal Wind Farm

Quick Facts:

  • The Lal Lal Wind Farm will have an installed capacity of up to 150 MW.
  • The Lal Lal Wind Farm is expected to generate in excess of 400,000 MWh of electricity each year which is equivalent to the consumption of 75,000 average Victorian homes.
  • The Lal Lal Wind Farm will cost in excess of $350M. A significant proportion of this will be spent locally.
  • During construction the Lal Lal Wind Farm will create approximately 50 full time positions. There will be approximately 12 - 15 full time ongoing positions to operate the wind farm.
  • The wind farm will physically occupy less than 1% of the total Lal Lal Wind Farm site.



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